Saumur, Town of Art and History

A town wrapped in history from the last 10 centuries, it is the perfect place to start your tour of the castles, the vineyards and even the prestigious school of horse riding. At Domaine de la Brèche we can welcome you and give you plenty of information to help kick start your journey and embrace the French culture.

Saumur, the place on top of the Loire

Prepare to be blown away as the setting hits you. When you arrive in Saumur to spend some quality time with friends or with family, the first thing that will fascinate you is its majestic medieval castle which dominates the city and overlooks the Loire. All you need to do is follow the river to discover one by one the famous castles of the Loire, and some of the architectural jewels that attract millions of tourists every year from all over the world. The city also owes its reputation to the Cadre Noir of Saumur, a symbol of French horse riding where the elite are trained.

History of Saumur

In the 10th century, monks built an abbey to protect themselves from the Norman invasion. The castle, built shortly after, became one of the Duke of Anjou’s emblems.

At the end of the 16th century, Saumur distinguished itself as one of Europe’s religious capitals for Protestantism. Under the leadership of Jean-Baptiste de Voglie, there were major improvements to the architecture in the 18th century. This revitalised the town joining the old with the new. Therefore Saumur remains one of the most beautiful towns in France, with such character and charm that has never been lost.

Visits and activities in Saumur

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