Our holiday locations in Maine et Loire

Numerous visitors to the Maine et Loire (in particular the Pays de la Loire) have come to take in the glorious sites and sounds of the rich nature of the region.

With the many different types of accommodation we have on site, (pitches for tents or caravans, mobile homes, cabin in the trees, wooden cabins) our 5-star campsite is perfect to guarantee a wonderful holiday.

Rent a location

Designed for tents, caravans and motorhomes, our pitches are easily identifiable and surrounded by trees that provide you with shaded areas that are very appreciated during hot weather.
From the standard location equipped with a 16 A power socket to the fully equipped Premium Comfort plot of almost 300 m2, you are free to book the campsite adapted to your budget and your needs.

Location of the mobile homes

If you wish for a touch of class and style on your vacation to Saumur, we invite you to reserve one of our fully equipped mobile homes. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, washing machines, sofas, a television. With one of these you will not lose any time familiarising yourself with our modern homes and their elegant and modern technologies.

You will feel like you are at home until the moment you listen to the birdsongs and the laughter on the children from your terrace.


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